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This voyage offers the opportunity to sail back into history and follow in the wake of Ulysses from Italy to Corsica, Sardinia and France. Sailing certifications, the opportunity to try scuba diving as well as a college accredited student leadership development class are strong components of this incredible voyage as you and your team will become responsible for the complete operation of the vessel from the moment that you step aboard.

This trip is whirlwind tour and includes overnight sails to develop seamanship skills, as well as daytime sailing along rugged coastlines. Once in port, our focus shifts to what the town has to offer. Discussions will color in the current and historical perspective of the area.

Before we set sail from we'll explore the idyllic Italian port of Rome. No fast-talking taxi drivers for us; we prefer to make our way through the back streets to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum next door. Gladiators and senators haunt what's left of these buildings. Caesar's blood has long since washed away from the marble steps we'll climb to see the first senate, where political intrigue was honed to a fine art in the Foro Romano.

Soon the summer winds whisk us to the north, learning the ropes as we sail to myriad famous destinations. We'll visit the island of Elba, taking a hike to Napoleons place of exile, then onward to Porto Venere before turning west. Life's a roll of the dice for some, so we'll soon arrive in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Aboard our 112-foot schooner, we'll fit right in, and break the same crunchy French bread the mega yachts serve. The Royal family of Monaco has long supported the Oceanographic Museum started by Prince Albert after his many voyages. Jacques Cousteau, explorer and inventor of the aqua-lung, played a major role here for us to see. Onward we go to France, stopping at Nice, St. Tropez and Cannes. Film Festival or not, the Riviera is always alive with activity, yachts and all kinds of people.

Next stop is Corsica, Sardinia and the, indeed very emerald, Costa Smeralda. The whole coast is jagged and rugged, the result of countless mistrals blowing down from the Gulf of Lyon over the winter months. We'll anchor down for a few days in the Corsican capital city of Ajaccio, the birthplace of an intense child by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte before striking the Moors head (the flag of Corsica) and pointing our bow toward Bonifacio. With its narrow cobweb-like passageways in the walled city above, and below, a maze of shops and quayside cafes that line the port, Bonifacio is a truly quintessential Mediterranean port! Yet soon it will be time to move on once again, through the Straits of Bonifacio to the port of Porto Cervo. Completing our journey, we'll make passage back across the Tyrrhenian Sea to the ancient walled port of Civitavecchia, Rome.

This program is offered in conjunction with our college-level program Sea|mester. Sea|mester delivers unique educational journeys where students spend their entire semester at sea, sailing between islands, countries and even continents throughout countless global locations. We offer students the opportunity of discovering... the world by sea, knowledge beyond the classroom and their utmost potential. To learn more, visit the Sea|mester website at

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